Are you looking for that perfect sound? A tone that is instantly recognisable, unique or timeless. To discover your sound takes time, trial and error, practice, experience. It can seem daunting knowing where to start or where to look next, even if you’re an experienced audio aficionado. If you’re like us and finding that perfect tone is what you’re after, you know deep down that the search is worth it. With every new set of guitar strings, tweak of the mic position and extra dB cut on the equaliser, you’ll get closer.


At The Tone Workshop we have been hunting for and trying to capture that elusive sound ever since salvaging our first guitar (a Woolworth Top 20) from a skip. This chance encounter with an unwanted instrument presented us with the first of many challenges we would have to overcome on our own individual journeys of sonic discovery.

We are Tim, Tom and Ben, a collective of audio enthusiasts with varied backgrounds but a mutual passion for crafting incredible tones. With over a century of combined experience, we decided that the next step was to share all that we have learned (and continue to learn every day), with the aim of helping you discover your sound. Welcome to The Tone Workshop, your hub for finding advice on creating, recording and experiencing quality sound.

Tim likes to take things apart to see how they work, and then piece them back together again – but even better!

He also likes to build things from scratch, like his very own acoustic guitar.

Find out more about the work he did reconditioning a Fender Jazz that was in need of some attention.

Tom is on a mission to discover the perfect combo of guitar, effects, amp and cab that will give him that elusive tone.

He’s built pedals, custom amp cabs and is currently working on a design for his own guitar.

You can watch some of his tone experiments on our YouTube channel.

Ben started out playing bass in bands, touring around Europe. It was in the studio that he found his calling.

He supports emerging artists and broadcasters with engineering, mixing and mastering.

Read about some of the challenges he encounters producing a weekly new music radio show.

Whether you are searching for the right overdrive pedal or valve amp, need some guidance on the correct set-up for your guitar, debating which mic is best to record with, or looking for help engineering, mixing and mastering your latest single, we’re here to help.

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